SkyMap has existed since 2015 and today has around 10 employees who work in measurement technology and product development. Since 2015, we have helped over 400 customers increase productivity in 5 different areas. Among the customers are Skanska, NCC, Lindås Gräv and a number of municipalities. We constantly strive to be at the forefront both technically and in terms of competence. You will find the head office in the heart of Småland.

In a time of digitization trends, we stand as measurement specialists on the front line in measurement technology. By thinking software systems from the start, we base our business around secure software trends in web/app, 3D programming/visualization, photogrammetry, Cloud (SaaS) and GIS. With competence in the latest techniques in both measuring technology and software development, we have a strong foundation to meet the digitalization requirements of the future.

We believe in staying one step ahead and meeting the digital challenges of the future as measurement specialists with a strategy that focuses on streamlining our customers' processes. With us, a traditional measurement industry meets the increasingly digital society of the future.

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