Take control of your models for machine control. Create, modify and compare 2D and 3D models and drawings for machine control or GNSS rod with SkyMap Design. Simple, flexible and affordable.



Simplify your workflow

With SkyMap Design you can create and modify 2D and 3D models yourself. You can compare different ideas and solutions, create safer calculations, provide machine control with the right data and create better reports. You save time and get a better workflow in the project.




Free trial for 14 days

As a new SkyMap user, you can create a Design account here and automatically receive a 14-day free trial. You can calmly evaluate all functionallity l and when the trial period is over, you can choose whether you want to buy a Design license to keep using the tool. Already have a user account in SkyMap Portal? Log in to your account and activate your trial period directly in the platform instead.


Make use of existing data

Quickly get an overview of the area with the built-in background map and satellite photo. If you have PDF maps or drawings, you can easily rotate and scale them so that they end up in the right place. Complement with existing CAD drawings and you have a good foundation to start with. You can also order e.g. property boundaries via our On Demand service (additional service - only available in Sweden).


Create your own models

Using your existing data as a basis, you easily create detailed, georeferenced and measurable 2D or 3D models. You create points and lines and generate triangulated surfaces. With built-in functions such as interpolation and creating slopes and many more, you can quickly create the model you want.


Analyze your data

Compare different models against each other to find the best solution, calculate volume and quantity to get an accurate calculation, identify problems and possible collisions before sending the model to production.


Deliver the documentation

Good documentation makes your work easier. Export your model to the machine control, give your client a good basis for decisions or as a report and facilitate the production of as built documents.


Change when you need to

Eliminate steps in the chain and avoid waiting time by being able to make changes to the model yourself if necessary. You save time and create a rational workflow. Download measurement data from the machine control system and update your model based on actual results.

Additional services

On demand

Good data will give you a better result. With SkyMap's On Demand service, you can order real estate information and other data that will make the planning of your project easier. Currently, property boundaries are available to order, but the service is under development and more data will be made available over time. You can order On Demand services directly in SkyMap Design.

Please note! The service is currently only available in Sweden.

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Want to know more?

In our support center you can read about various functions in SkyMap Design and how you can use the tool.