SkyView is a user-friendly 3D visualization tool that, with a georeferenced digital twin as a basis, facilitates your work in the construction and real estate industry - from idea to finished building and on to management. With SkyView, collaboration, communication and documentation are simplified and you get a more efficient workflow and quality assured results.

Prototype workshop for you who build
Errors and deficiencies in drawings and models cause large costs in the project if they are not detected in time. With a digital copy of reality as a base, a so-called digital twin, you can compare drawings and models with reality and detect problems in time. In the planning phase, SkyView acts as your prototype workshop where you can test your ideas for real before putting them into action. You thereby increase the chances that you will meet the quality, finances and schedule of the project.


Increased understanding, easier problem solving and faster decisions in 3D
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The digital twin consists of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of images stitched together into a detailed depiction of reality. Our customers often testify that 3D visualization facilitates in many ways. Employees in the project see the big picture and quickly get an overview of what needs to be done on site, which significantly shortens the starting distance. Or "full buckets right away" as one of our ground contractor clients put it. 

It also makes it easier to resolve challenges and obstacles that appear along the way. When everyone involved can see, turn, twist, test and almost "feel" their way, it is no wonder that a joint solution is found more quickly. We constantly get examples of how it has helped in discussions about building permits with the municipality, or when the client and contractor need to resolve an unforeseen knot. The fact that you can also share the view and therefore don't even have to be in the same place to get the same picture just makes the whole thing even smoother. 

Improve coordination , logistics and safety
By collecting all drawings and models in one place and being able to visualize the project in 3D, everyone involved gets a good overview and a common picture of what needs to be done. You can avoid collisions between different disciplines, plan logistics, get data for APD plans, avoid production stoppages and anticipate problems before they occur.

Cooperate, coordinate and communicate
Lack of communication is often pointed out as a decisive and costly Achilles' heel in many construction projects. With SkyView, you gather everyone involved in the project in one place, control who has access to which information, ensure that everyone has access to the correct version of documents and easily disseminate information to those concerned. The tool is always available in your browser or via the iOS app for tablet or mobile.

Facts - not guesses
Disagreements and unpleasant surprises are an unwanted but all too common ingredient in construction projects. Through the clear 3D visualization, it is easy for client and executor to agree both before, during and after the project. It creates security and long-term trust.

With SkyView you document and follow the progress of the project. You can create comments attached to a point to remember or to inform others. You can also make a volume calculation with the press of a button and quickly find out the need for shafts and/or fill. Or with the reference surface find the appropriate height for land, buildings, installations and constructions. 

Many and long-term positive effects
By digitizing construction projects or property management with the help of SkyView, you get many positive effects. On an overall level, we dare to promise that you will increase both productivity and profitability in the short and long term. But you will also experience many more positive effects along the way. What and how depends entirely on your role and where in the process you are involved. Please read more about what we can do for you under industries and feel free to contact us and we will tell you more.