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Build on reality with a georeferenced digital twin as a foundation

Cloud processing

The market's easiest tool to convert drone images into a georeferenced digital twin

SkyMap Design

Easily create your own drawings and models


Easily check the CAD file  and clean it automatically before sending it to the machine 

About us

SkyMap has existed since 2015 and today has more than 100 consultants via its partnering network throughout the Nordics. Since 2015, we have helped over 400 customers increase productivity in 5 different areas. Among the customers are Skanska, NCC, NKT and a number of municipalities. We constantly strive to be at the forefront both technically and in terms of competence. You will find the head office in the heart of Småland.

Team SkyMap


Success and inspiration

"We work with very large volumes and need to have optimal accuracy in our quantity reporting"

"Our role as a client becomes both simpler and safer"

"With drone technology and 3D models, we do the same work in half the time"

"The cloud processing tool simplifies our work"