SkyMap CAD viewer gives you a convenient tool to check CAD drawings and 3D models and prepare the files for your machine control. All you need is a web browser.

Get started
Already have a SkyMap account? Go to to log in with your usual user account. If you do not have a SkyMap account, go to  to create an account first. 

Does it cost anything?
No, SkyMap CAD viewer is a free service. 

Deficient or incorrect models and drawings can cost a lot of time and cause major problems in the project. Also, trying to deal with files that cannot be opened or navigating through lots of layers is not efficient. Therefore, we have created the SkyMap CAD viewer to facilitate file management for machine control. 

How does it work?
With the SkyMap CAD viewer, you can view CAD drawings and 3D models (DWG or DXF) and check that they are correct before sending them on to the machine. Upload the file using the drag and drop function, compare different drawings and models, get a good overview of the project, and then let the smart cleaning function prepare the file for the machine control.

Smart Cleanup
The Smart Cleanup feature removes all unnecessary information in the file that your machine control can't handle or is useful for. The file is cleaned of garbage in zero coordinates, other unused data is removed and åäö characters are replaced with aao in layer names and texts automatically. With the push of a button, the file is ready for the machine.

Do you want to know more?
In our support center,  we have collected information on how to get started with the SkyMap CAD viewer and how you can use the various functions.